May 10 2010

Tricky Tastes

I have to admit that I’m biased against California wines.  I spent so much time working with Italian wines, I’ve become a little bit of a snob — I can admit it.

Murphy Goode Minnesota Cuvée
Murphy Goode Minnesota Cuvée

During my time vying for the wine gig up in Sonoma, I purchased a bunch of different Murphy Goode wines.  Tonight, we opened up the Minnesota Cuvée.  I was really impressed.

The nose is sweet and musty, a little syrupy and just kinda comforting.

The taste is light and a little woody. Sweet, and a lot more complex than I would expect from a Chardonnay.  It leaves a warm, fresh taste on the tongue.

Again, I’m not generally a big fan of Chardonnay, but I’d drink this on a warm summer night any time.

(By the way, this particular bottle starred as Wineder Woman in The Supergoode Friends).